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I also thought it would be fun to list my publication here, but I gave them Friends-episode-like names first. Scroll down the list and maybe you will find something worth reading.

  1. The one with collaborative lesson development rules. Article.
  2. The one with reproducible hippocampal transcriptomics. Article.
  3. The one with mating systems and microarrays. Article.
  4. The one with body color and social behavior. PDF.
  5. The one with crab neurons and gene expression. PDF.
  6. The one with brain evolution and development. Article.
  7. The one with aromatase and sex changing cichlids. PDF.
  8. The one with vasopressin and space use theory. Link.
  9. The one with wrasse reproductive tactics. PDF.
  10. The one with tilapia response to pheromones. Link.
  11. The one with opsin gene evolution. Link.
  12. The one with the five cichlid genomes. Link.
  13. The one with swordtails, hormones, and body size. PDF.
  14. The one with stressed-out guppies. PDF.
  15. The one with social behavior and genomics. Link.
  16. The one with pro-opiomelanocortin gene evolution. PDF.
  17. The one with monogamy and steroid hormones. PDF.
  18. The one with monogamy and peptides. PDF.